Birthday kidnapping

Story #5

We had a lovely birthday weekend away in Nelson, BC. WE LOVE NELSON. We spent an afternoon exploring, picnicked by the lake and an evening feasting and relaxing. No better way to ring in 32!

"On reflection, this was the most generous and kind gesture I've ever experienced. This was indeed a "nice" reminder, that I am loved. And Frankie, you are the most loved."

InsideR tip:

The Kelownut is easily the best doughnut in the Okanagan. Speaking as the resident Doughnuter at Frankie Says.

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 4.55.19 PM.jpg

It me! 

I'm Car, one half of Frankie Says. I'll be riddling off rambles and keeping an updated account of all the beauty and magic that unfolds on our apiary and homestead.

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