God save the queen bees and our apiary

The 2021 season was full of challenges for new and experienced beekeepers alike. Record temperatures and forest fires destroyed a large portion of the overall nectar flow for the honeybee population. Beekeepers all across British Columbia are reporting record losses and we all need help to get our apiaries back on track for future growth.

Frankie Says is a partnership between Frankie and Car started in 2021 with the intention of growing into a bustling apiary and food garden by Summer 2022. We are working with bees because we believe that our future depends on their survival. We want to show others like us the journey from start-up to (what we hope will be) a successful apiary. After a challenging first year, on account of weather conditions, we are looking to rebuild our colonies.

With your help we can move forward with our 2022 goal of growing our apiary from five to eight colonies. Your contributions will help us to re-establish our apiary and develop a garden for our honeybees.

what we need

  • We had major losses and will need to completely replace our colonies. We will be purchasing 6-8 NUCs (colonies)

  • We will need to purchase additional hive components and hive equipment to complete the set up of our 8 hives.

  • We need all the help we can get. Any and all donations will go directly towards our apiary and garden.

  • If we do not reach our fundraising goal Frankie Says will be taking on the remaining cost from our personal pockets.

the impact

Honeybees are essential to our collective future, our planet and agriculture in BC relies on these pollinators. We depend on the over 2,300 beekeepers in the province to aid in pollination of our crops.

Aside from the environmental benefits, you’ll be supporting an LGBTQ couple who are documenting what apiculture and homesteading can look like. Follow along with our weekly updates and get fully immersed in our struggles, hustle and triumphs.

In our first year, we cared for and maintained five colonies in the Okanagan. We developed many local connections and relationships and have given back directly to our community. Frankie Says attended markets and pop-ups all the while reinvesting the profit from our apparel and goods right back into our apiary.

risks & challenges

With every new season, there are a myriad of uncontrolled factors that contribute to our success and failures.

  • To get ahead of fire season we have big plans for a garden. Spanning about half an acre we will cultivate a food forest and flower garden in the early months of Spring in anticipation of our honeybee babies arrival.

  • To ensure the success of this garden and that our bees have an ample water source we will be investing in improvements to our well infrastructure.

  • We will be following the general practices of our local beekeeping community and be monitoring disease and mite counts through regular inspections and semi-annual treatments.

other ways to contribute

We understand that not everyone is in a position to help financially, and that’s okay! We need your help to get our story out there! Share with your friends and family, share on your social — every like and share helps us to connect to a larger audience.

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It me! 

I'm Car, one half of Frankie Says. I'll be riddling off rambles and keeping an updated account of all the beauty and magic that unfolds on our apiary and homestead.

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